Will These Green Bananas Ever Become Ripe?

pic from iknowvegetables.com
pic from iknowvegetables.com

Kashi GO Lean Cereal. That mouth-watering box of goodness is resting just atop my white refrigerator waiting for my grasping hand to bring it to counter. I gain another couple of inches while stretching upward on my tip-toes to snatch that healthy, yummy treat from the heights of “Mount Keep-Food-Cool”. Ok, a firm purchase is around said box and I expectantly shake it hoping there is still enough in there for a bowl of my own; because at my home, you never know if someone “hoarked” it all just before you arrived. Ah haw! The jiggle of the carton reveals a fullness that sets my hand in motion towards the cupboard. I throw open my painted-white cupboard door, the one with the goofy branch-like pulls, and look for my favorite bowl. There she be. That green glazed ceramic beauty that cradles the “goodness” that invigorates my breakfast and my health. Now, with treasured receptacle in hand, I move on toward the next step: Toppings.

A quick glance at the counter reveals that the green cutting board has a little “present” from a 9 year old’s grossness left for me to clean. So, that board is now officially rendered “out of service” until the dishwasher(ME) redeems it and “purifies” it from its sins. Ugh, decisions, decisions. What to do now?

I fumble my way through the kitchen drawers and a little red beauty catches my eye. There in the way back of this mess, is a tiny crimson cutting board my wife probably got talked into buying from a co-worker at a Pampered Chef party she was at. Clutching my new friend, I set it upon the counter and looked for a knife to chop up the topping I was going to place upon my cereal. Nope, too big for this board. Yikes, too many nicks in the blade. What the heck? Does this paring knife belong to Frodo? Holy cow, this implement is miniscule! Yes! I found it, and clean mind you, was the black handled ceramic one that seems to be forged just for the job I was about to embark upon. Cutting board, check. Clean and perfectly functional knife, affirmative. Now… now what have I forgotten? I bang my foggy-brained head with my hand and say out loud: “Duh, you almost forgot the bananas!” My eyes land on the spot where the fruit is usually kept in a holding pattern until devoured. Then… Plunk! My happy, smug expression falls as my heart tips out of my chest, hits the floor, and rolls to a spot right next to abandoned toast crumbs laying on my kitchen floor. Green, Forrest green, Jade green, NO, Kale-green bananas are staring me right in the eye; almost laughing mockingly at my folly.

Great, I thought those bananas we bought a couple of days ago would be ready by now! No sweet squishy fruit will be adorning my Kashi this morning like a set of pearls that encircles a beautiful neck(You have to give me that last simile, I am a poet at heart you know). There will be no pyramid of fruit laid inside this green ceramic bowl today which would have pushed my already decent start to my day over the edge and into raptured bliss. The deep color of green unripe bananas just sat there in a bunch that were spread out like fat accusing fingers of denial pointed straight at my chest. Slightly dejected, I grabbed my Almond Milk and went about crunching my cereal with an annoyingly loud sound while shooting unkind glances toward those bananas upon my counter.

Some of us are stuck in places in our lives where we too have utensils in hand and have been waiting, which to us seems to be a very long time, for the Lord to bless us or come through in an area for which we have been praying. We get frustrated at the Lord’s timing and what feels like an eternity of waiting for God to “get going”. Hey folks, I understand where you are at. I truly know how hard it is to keep believing in God for something for quite a time as we get impatient with His heavenly timing.

Hold firm, God is in control. Sometimes we need to remember that God’s timing is perfect. He won’t fail us: EVER! I don’t pretend to fully understand the Lord’s infinite timing but, the one thing I don’t do anymore is fight against it. It has taken some time, during the most difficult season I find myself right in the middle of, but I just wait upon Him now. I rest in the knowledge of His incredible provision for each of us and most of all, in the joy of knowing how wonderful that feeling will be as I am praising the Lord for His answer to my long-time prayer. Knowing that gives me a sweet peace like a delicious fruit than never gets rotten.

As I stared at the unripe “bananas” of my life, this scripture has given me a lot of peace. It reads: “Be patient, therefore, brothers, until the coming of the Lord. See how the farmer waits for the precious fruit of the earth, being patient about it, until it receives the early and the late rains. You also, be patient. Establish your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is at hand.-James 5:7-8(ESV).

Often, I have found that when I stopped looking at the “unripe” things in my life and started looking at God’s faithfulness and grace, my “miracle” was waiting for me when I turned back around (metaphor certainly intentional here). Don’t worry, the Lord’s “eye is on the sparrow”. He can’t wait to be gracious to you and show mercy (Isaiah 30:18). So, wait upon Him. He is coming to deliver you soon!

Maybe you are reading this post and don’t even know who to turn to for help. You’ve spent a lifetime of regret and struggle while living a joy-less life. Don’t despair! God will change all of that. It is that simple! If you ask Jesus into your heart, you WILL be saved and joy unimaginable will enter your heart, imparting His gladness for you to enjoy. If you want that, please email me at thegreatplainspoet@sio.midco.net and I will respond. Or, you can click on the tab on this blog called “How To Know God” and say the heart-felt prayer and be forgiven. Since I have done that, I no longer tense with bated breath, waiting for the other shoe to drop. I now have a wonderful future and life. All thanks to making that decision some time ago.

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The Great Plains Poet, resting in the Mighty Hand of God while waiting for my “bananas” to ripen.

Please enjoy the poem below.

Glorious And Ripe
by Chris T.

Lord, there is something in the room with us,
This unspoken fear, this unsaid fret that I carry.

It sits there with us occupying space in our room, during our time,
Making a nuisance, staring at me to get my attention.

I don’t like to speak it to you because I have spoken of it before,
Fearing it might reveal something I am afraid to admit to myself,
Mostly, afraid that I might disappoint you.

There it sits like a wart at the end of my nose,
As I try to ignore it in my vision.

Lord, this request, this long time prayer,
Please help me to wait patiently for you,
For your timing, your blessing.

My Jesus, erase my doubt by quelling my fear that you won’t provide,
Or, that you’ll cross the road as I lay beaten and trodden upon.

Give me the strength to believe your promise,
The one that states birds neither sow nor reap,
Yet you provide for them,
And how much more that you love all of us.

My resolve will strengthen as I trust,
As I believe,
As I stand fast,
Knowing that this bunch of fruit I’ve laid upon my table,
In your wonderful time,
Will become glorious and ripe.

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