Can Stories, Poems and Observations Point People To Christ?

Family Picture Trip 015

Yes they can!..if you will be willing to help.

YOU can help make a Difference! The staff at The Great Plains Poet is working very hard to deliver the word of God in the most impactful way through the internet. As we follow the Lords’ leading, we NEED your help to do that! If you feel led by the Lord, please consider making a small donation to The Great Plains Poet to help us get the Lord’s Hope and healing out there to as many people as possible. Even a small monetary donation goes very far to help us have a bigger impact as we are growing due to the blessings of God. On our website there is a “Donate” button which allows you to give through PayPal.
You can click the direct link below:
If you are unable to donate, please consider praying for our ministry here. We need your prayers so much and they are much appreciated!

The world is hurting and in need of the Lords healing and guidance. Our heart’s desire here at The Great Plains poet; is to point those folks who are pain-stricken, fearful, hopeless, and broken-hearted back to Christ.
We have been touched by the outpouring of support and prayers that many of you have given to us in our ministry.
We thank you ahead of time for what you give, and how dedicated you are to prayer and the advancement of the Gospel of Christ.
The Great Plains Poet

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