As The Pinwheel Turns ‘Round

I felt it was appropriate to repost this again. Let the Lord speak to you through it. God Bless,
The Great Plains Poet

The Great Plains Poet

Pinwheelblog1a 005

Out in my backyard, all the way in the Southwest corner, is a pinwheel. My son stuck it in the dirt there thinking it would be fun to watch it spin from the inside of the house. Its sight line peers right through the sliding glass door and into the living room; and if the sunlight is just right, you can see flashes of red and silver from the couch.

You tend to forget it is there. Then, you’ll be watching the game on TV, and whirling silver catches the corner of your eye pulling your gaze right to that ninety cent toy. Pinwheels are a curious oddity because when they are static, they’re not that interesting to look at; but when they are spinning, whether you’re a child or adult, it seems you’re unconsciously drawn to that rotating trinket. Just one thing though…To get that magic to start to…

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