Stepping Over The Broken Piece


The City. The bustle of a metropolis and the inner workings of the business district begin this morning as many scurry along. Each person weaves and intertwines through a thick mob with a hurried pace along the sidewalk by a station of mass-transit. Shoulders bump. Eyes are cast down. Ear buds are firmly embedded into skulls as this particular cross-section of society passes each other by and tries so hard to not catch another’s gaze. Faces and expressions are so varied this daybreak. Some have a look of deep consternation, like they are taking a test they must pass in school. Some nod their heads up and down to the tunes that assault their ears. A starting and stopping of motion begins and ends in a cacophony of direction to and fro as the crowd obeys traffic lights, signs, and verbal cues while trying to reach a certain destination. As I watch this public locomotion, lattes are being spilled, the whoosh of doors are being opened and closed, and the drum of many foot-falls beat the pavement in chaotic movement like a mass rumba each person sways to with their own rhythm apart from the collective.

I further examined this visage and a strange occurrence began to unfold before me. There appeared to be a hole that opened up in the flow of the crowd. Individuals began to dart to the left and scoot to the right, avoiding something that was evidently on the sidewalk. Even the most engrossed people noticed the object on the ground and bolted away from it; regardless of that action causing a collision with someone else. To avoid this dejected article lying upon the concrete, I saw many different kinds of people step over, flit to the side, and lurch into an open space. All walks of people, folks in fine tailored suits, the raggedly clothed homeless, and the average person stepped around this “pariah” that was discarded upon the ground.

I moved forward a few steps to get a closer look at the object that so many felt the need to avoid. The sun glanced off one of the corners of this shard and danced playfully against the wall of the small convenience store. I was surprised to discover that the cause of all the commotion, the reason for the divergence in the flow of foot traffic, was a shiny, small piece of broken glass deposited on the ground. My initial response was to walk forward a few more steps in the hope of picking it up but I held back for a few more moments. My wrist watch clicked off a few more ticks of the second-hand while I continued to observe the same scene play out as it did in the moments before; people jolted each other’s shoulders, mouths grumbled, and legs continued to flail around the little piece of broken glass.

Out of the corner of my eye, I caught the swish of a yellow A-line skirt that seemed to move about with a happy rhythm. It immediately drew me to the face which the bright article of clothing belonged to. A young lady in her early twenties was craning her neck all about. She was taking in all her surroundings. This young woman was full of life, vitality, and was engaged in what was happening around her. There was something refreshing about her expression. It revealed a feature that was missing from all the countless faces that I had seen earlier that morning. The missing feature was: A glorious smile. Her step had a bounce to it and she made occasional eye contact with others in the crowd. The expression upon her lovely face seemed to speak an unspoken phrase, “Good Morning!”

This lady, dressed in yellow, seemed to be so out-of-place in an area awash in a sea of drab. Not only colorless, but lifeless in expression as well. I was curiously watching her as she approached the broken piece on the cement to see if she would gracefully pirouette away from the shard upon the ground. I was not ready for what I saw next. After getting almost laid out flat on her face, she stopped the momentum of the crowd and bent over to pick up that broken piece of glass. With her delicate hands, she cradled the crystalline remnant while her shoulders received continual bumps and knocks. Her focus never did shift from that small piece of glass. Actually, she lifted the shard into the small shaft of light that peeked between the large buildings and watched the light dazzle through its form. A few more seconds of battery upon her small frame forced her to finally move forward with the fragment between her fingers. Then, in a master stroke, displaying the genius of love, she opened her small purse and placed the broken glass carefully inside, zipped it shut, and grinned all along that frenetic sidewalk as she eventually drifted slowly out of sight.

I stood across the street from the spot the rejected shard had lain and was dumbfounded by what my eyes had seen. So many individuals passed over and around that broken piece. Countless people moved out of the path of that shard but this young woman took the time to lovingly help that piece get to where it needed to be.

As I look all around me in my life, there are so many folks who are broken, needy, hurting, and are just hoping for a word of encouragement. We(and this is me included) are so consumed by our schedules and agendas that we sometimes miss opportunities that are right in front of us in our places of employment, our shopping centers, and even in our churches.

Jesus once asked Peter if he loved him three times to drive a very important point home: “Feed my sheep”(John 21:17). In other words, “take care of my people”.

The Lord is very serious about this subject. In the bible it says: “But if anyone has the world’s goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God’s love abide in him?”-1 John 3:17(ESV) I know that I so desperately want God’s love to abide in me. So, I can’t close my heart to the needs around me which the Lord causes me to see.

I know what it is like to be that broken piece. My health conditions often make me look like an outcast and sometimes even the Lord’s people ignore me and have terrible things to say to me and about me. I am now mature enough in the Lord to know who I am in Christ. So, it doesn’t hurt me much anymore.

But I know the Lord wants us to represent His Kingdom well; to be the hands and feet of Jesus to someone, to be a blessing, and bear a burden with a brother or sister(Galatians 6:2).

When we show the Love of Christ to others, it is life changing for that person. God works through his people and we need to be about the Lord’s business which is “loving others as you would yourself”(Luke 10:27)

Therefore, if we want this world to really change for the better, look out for others in need. Do it deliberately throughout your day. Ask the Lord to show you in the midst of your day who you can bless and how to do it. You will be amazed at the powerful things it will do for that person. After you have finished blessing someone, you will notice an amazing amount of Joy that the Lord will bring just like Paul states in Philemon 1:7-“For I have derived much joy and comfort from your love, my brother, because the hearts of the saints have been refreshed through you.”

Let us all, including me and my family, not step around or over the broken people the Lord places before us. I want to bend over, pick it up, and bring that broken piece to Jesus where all healing and blessings take place.

Thank you so much for reading this far. I know this was a long post but, I truly felt led of the Lord to share it today.

No poem today. Please let the Lord speak to you through this post and begin to look for those who need the Lord’s help. Let us all bring the Good News to the doorstep of the hurting instead of casting our gaze another direction.

We can change this world if we will only act!

If you are that broken piece, I want to pray for you. If you need a friend I will be there in prayer for you. Please email me, or click the tab called “Prayer” if you need the Lord’s help, or, just simply need a friend!

Please take the time to comment, re-post, “Like” on Facebook and Twitter, and most of all, to share what you have read here today.

The Great Plains Poet, here for the hurting, pain-stricken, and broken-hearted.

God bless you all today!!

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