Lift Those Folks Up

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God helping hand is firm and able

We at the Great Plains Poet ministries, feel very strongly about helping others in need no matter what their station is in life. I felt compelled today, through all the physical pain, to write this quick poem. I know it is not my best work but I feel the sentiment is very strong and gets my point across. Please, please, if you see someone in need….do everything you can to help.

I am going to quote the same scripture I did earlier in the week because I feel the Lord speaking it to us all. It is: “But if anyone has the world’s goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God’s love abide in him?”-1 John 3:17(ESV)

As always, if you need prayer please email me at, or click the “Prayer” button on the homepage of this blog and we will faithfully pray for you. Also, if you want to give to our ministry which helps give to the needy in different ways(check out the “Supported Ministries” button), click the “Donate” button and you can give through PayPal. We can BE the hands and feet of Jesus for someone. Let us all lift folks up.

The Great Plains Poet

Lift Those Folks Up
by Chris T.

When others have fallen
If on hard times or missteps
No matter how it looks or it seems
Where dreams have been crushed, smashed, and broken abrupt
Lift those folks up!

If the tears of the older ones begin to flow
And no hands are there to wipe them
After society has placed them upon the shelf
Treating those who served us before like an eyesore that disrupts
Lift those folks up!

After the troubled youth has gone to the Joint a third time
Even though decision after choice was made in vain.
Please look past the tattooed arms and colors that bind
And try not to judge though they have drunk from the fools cup
Why don’t we lift those folks up!

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