My Resolve Is Not Shaken

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I am so sorry that I haven’t had a post out in a while. I have been very sick and have been trying hard to get back at it with no luck. I know the Lord will give me strength to go through this place as He has done many times before.

I don’t have the energy or strength to write a more cohesive piece. So, this will have to do it. The poem below speaks of my resolve through my physical shortcomings and pain. I will NOT quit proclaiming the greatness of my Lord. Even in the difficult times; though I may have to do it more softly.

I pray this poem is finding you all in a wonderful place of peace and joy from the Lord.

I love each and every one of my faithful readers. God bless you all!

The Great Plains Poet.

My Resolve is not Shaken
by Chris T.

Through the sting of twinge and pain you are still Lord of all.
Even during the sleepless nights,
While the nerves that fire off and die,
I still hear the Lord’s gentle call.

When the voracious appetite of my enemy’s jaws begin to close,
The God of my Salvation breaks his teeth.
Around the corner waits a trap to snare,
But calling out to Jesus brings my relief.

When others are blessed in and out of season,
through I appear to stand in place,
The Lord’s blessings begin to be shown,
As I look Him in the face.

So I fight through this struggle,
This thorn I am to bear,
Not to spend too much time in grumble,
For I give a great care.

To others beside myself and my cause,
For those who don’t know,
It’s important to stop for a moment and pause,
Considering their direction and their sin,
And take it from me there’s only one way to win.

So I stand here today broken in body but firm in resolve,
Weary though I feel compelled to say,
If your heart is in pieces and quite self-involved,
Give over to Jesus and His excellent way.

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