You Can Stop Trying To Take My Life!

healing_blog 004

The pain has come again;
Same result, same old way.
This trial arrives without announcement,
Without invitation; but I surely knew it would come.

The same old scheme used in the same tired form.
For my enemy expects a different result,
A buckling, a wandering, one last final defeat,
And what must be a shimmering trophy:
My curse of God and my circumstance.

Everytime the needle pricks and the head beats and pounds,
When the vomit reaches the lips but doesn’t spew forth,
Though the nerves fire off killing my tactile sensation to feel the bottom of my feet,
I am not looking outside the gate of healing and Glory.
I will not be driven away from those loving arms that paid to hold me so tight.

In fact, when the waves of torment try to cascade over me,
My body will ride that wave straight to shore,
Where the same beautiful eyes that Judah Ben-Hur gazed upon at the well,
Waits for me with water to quench,
An expression of understanding,
And a warm embrace that I have been waiting for all my earthly life.

So, enemy of my soul, thorns and thistles of my flesh,
You can stop trying to take my life,
My joy…..and my salvation, my hope and,
My victory already has been won
For you don’t fight me, but the Creator of EVERYTHING.

For my soul is not for ransom,
That price was paid on that wondrous cross.

You keep bringing your pain, your torment,
I’ll continue to bring them right to the cross.
That wonderous place that bought all of my pain.

I praise Him for the opportunity to look Jesus
In the eyes, minute by minute and day by day.
No curse will come from my lips today…..or EVER.


3 thoughts on “You Can Stop Trying To Take My Life!

    1. Thank you very much for your support and prayers Andy. I felt led of the spirit to write this quick piece, through the pain, and ignoring the mistakes and the constant need to be as perfect grammatically as possible. The Lord has always wanted me to live a transparent walk with Him through this fight. So, I wanted people to see the pain, the enemy’s tactics, and the resolve of a man who truly knows where his strength comes from: Jesus! Thank you again for your prayers and support.

  1. Chris, you’re one tough hombre. But it’s the Lord’s strength that sustains you. You’re an inspiration to many.
    A friend has a ministry to people with chronic illnesses––so you might find that helpful.
    Be strong, brother.

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