The Breakfast Of Fools

I was just blessed by a new friend who is a pastor in India. He runs an orphanage and preaches the greatness of Jesus. The children there might have an opportunity to read this story so I am re-posting it for them. Champions House kids, you are an inspiration to me and my walk with the Lord and for that I will always be forever grateful! God bless and enjoy the read; mistakes, errors and all.

The Great Plains Poet

Sitting down with my freshly prepared omelet creation in front of me and sipping my favorite blend of Caribou Coffee, I let an idea roll around in my empty head. An ideal that was meant for malice, intended for destruction; but I entertained it all the same.  This particular morning I was exhausted because I didn’t sleep well the night before; dreams, pain and my old friend Mr.Restlesness seemed to plague me that night. A curious thought seemed to be occupying my mind. The notion was so strange that I grunted out loud while my wife and son shot me a wide-eyed look that said: “Uh oh, someone woke up the lunatic.”

After my accident I lost a few things that most of us take for granted. I don’t have any sense of smell and I can’t taste much either. So, when I eat, I eat for mostly sustenance. The flavors are just not there unless it is very sweet (which…

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