“Beauty Gazers” and “God Seekers”

Well….I torn two ligaments in my right arm so I need to repost a few older pieces so until the arm heals and I can type. This is a great post about putting God first in your life and the amazing things one will experience and see during your journey to make that daily climb.
God bless you all my faithful readers, who over the last few weeks, have reaches out to me with support, encouragement and prayers. May our Lord richly bless you all and I dedicate this post to you most of all.
The Great Plains Poet.

The Great Plains Poet

Quite some time ago, I used to rock climb. That was a few years in the past and a few pounds ago too. I climbed Mt. Baldy, the Mormon Rocks and various other places in California. I wasn’t very experienced, or used much common sense as far as safety went either; but, because of God’s great and powerful protection from myself, I am still here.

This week I was tossing back some older pages in my “journalof life” and I was having a hard time knowing what drew me to climbing. It took me a while of consternation before all that consideration became an answer; I was searching for what I thought was pure beauty. When you ascend to a greater height, you get the payoff of the wonderous panoramic view that a higher elevation provides. This gives you an andvantage because you have access to a vista that others too afraid…

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