Changes They Are A Comin’

McKennan Park-12 076

Hello everyone,
I hope your New Years is starting off with a bang. I pray you are keeping Jesus first in every aspect of your lives as you move forward to a better, more Spirit-led year.

Here at the Great Plains Poet, we just wanted to send you all a quick note that there will be some changes to the site coming soon. The look of the blog will change to a more eye-pleasing and user-friendly way. There will be some audio and video functions that will be edifying and fun; and other additions as well. Also, we may change the name of the site; but, this is something we are in earnest prayer about. We feel it might give people the wrong idea about what we actually do here. This is not a just a site for poetry that a love-sick person would craft. It is a ministry to all who we reach speaking about God’s Love, Humor, Life-enhancing short stories, Jesus, and the victory you can have in Him.

Why are we doing this? We here at the GPP felt the Lord wanted us to expand and be more relevant while we reach more people for Christ.

So, pray for us here at the Great Plains Poet as we embark upon this new season in our ministry.

Chris T.,

The Great Plains Poet

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