Help You Release

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Well, it’s that time year where folks either have their new resolutions well under way or have given up on them. The season when we evaluate what we did in the last year and what we would like to see done in the year to come.

Some of us have made promises to lose some weight and smatterings have made solemn promises to the Lord to grow closer to him. There are a few of us who want to spend more time with our spouses instead of more time at work. A selection of folks, those of us who are very honest with themselves, are planning to do all they can this year to try to overcome a long-time sin entrenched in their lives.

I began evaluating 2013 earlier this morning. What I discovered was: I fought a good fight and that the year as a whole was about what I expected it to be. For me, to be quite honest, the year was found wanting. I mean to say, I thought some things would improve in my life. My hope that my conditions would improve never materialized. I was hoping to be blessed a little more financially, but that did not occur. Also, I was expecting that I would make a little more progress on my writing as well, but alas, fell short.

You know what, for me, the evaluation of the last 12 months is a tenuous process at best. Frankly, I don’t like the way I think when my mind reviews what happened in the last few months. If I consider what I’m thinking about, it sounds to me like a very selfish evaluation of what I want and what my needs are. As I began to discover this, I realized suddenly that the right thing to do would be to ask what the Lord would like me to do this year. It brought me to one of those proverbial “duh” moments.

To be very honest, I am one of those people who are very hard on themselves. So, when I have one of those forgetful moments, I am pretty hard on myself. As I am in the process of reviewing what happened in 2013, there seems to be one central theme that weaves its way through the whole year and even into the new one that we’re in now. That central theme is: keeping it simple.

The Lord revealed to me that I over-complicate a lot of the issues in my life. Sometimes, I go way out of my way to over analyze the situation when the answer was quite clear and often simple in the first place. Now, I do this because I actually want to serve the Lord with all my heart but, good intentions sometimes can go awry.

This brings me back to my “duh” moment. First and foremost, I need to realize that I personally shouldn’t be planning anything in my life. Usually, when things start to fall apart, I try to take the reins for a while and end up running that horse right into the ground. So, the phrase for me this 2014 is: “Denying Myself.”

Oh boy, is this a very, very hard thing for me to do. I have found it so difficult to deny my flesh; especially since I’ve been a type “A” personality all of my life. Although, I will have to get better at denying my flesh if I want to have victory in my life and if I hope to exhibit the fruits of the Spirit this year. Especially denying myself as it pertains to my ways of doing things, which is flawed at best.

The word of God puts it so simply in the book of Matthew chapter 10 verse 39. It says: “Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.”

In closing, I want to be the best Chris I can possibly be in 2014. To do that, I will need to do two things very well:

Number one: I need to deny myself. This means totally abandon my way of doing things and my thought process.
Number two: Keep things as simple as possible.

Therefore, I should not worry about several problems and stay awake all night. I need to simply pray, read the Bible and search for its meanings, and just plain old trust the Lord that he has it worked out.

The year ahead may bring many more trials than the year before did. It might bring more success than 2013 did but I know two things that I will need to do to have any success in my walk with the Lord at all:
Give up my way of doing things.
Keep it simple.

Help You Release
by Chris T.

Having strength is a tenuous thing,
For confusion and calamity it just might bring.
When all you ever do is look from within,
And within it lies the conundrum therein.

Having a skull thick with resolve,
Can make one’s faith begin to dissolve.
What happens when strength and desire begins to crumble,
Is one finds themselves taking a great stumble.

So steady your feet and open your ears,
To a powerful voice that wipes away tears,
And crumple up the blueprints that you’ve drawn up,
While taking a drink from the Lord’s refreshing cup,
That was poured out for you so you’ll be at peace,
To let go of your grip and help you release.

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