I’ve been study…

I’ve been studying the facets of God’s word concerning His promises.
So far, there seems to be a powerful thread that weaves through what I am learning:
#1. God makes promises to His people.
#2 The nature of God never changes.
#3. God always delivers.
When pondering these attributes of God coupled with the promises God has made to His people in the bible; doubt in all forms begins to ebb, drift to the background, and point us all to a Risen Savior who brings us all eventually to a firm assurance; all because we hungered to know him more-Hebrews 10:22.

This is for those who find themselves in a difficult struggle. I have found no solace in the well-intentioned words spoken by friends. My peace has always come from calming my wayward heart by digging deeper into who God is, and what He promises to all who follow Jesus. Then storms seem to quell and thirst is finally quenched.

If you find yourself in this place; it’s OK. Tell the Lord how you are feeling. He can handle your worry, frustration, confusion, and doubt about the situation you are facing. Yes, He is a big God…but a gentle and loving one who is slow to anger, abounding in love(Jonah 4:2).

I know sometimes it seems that God is taking forever to come through in your situation; or that He is sitting on His hands. But, you truly can be assured that God is at work and delivers every time.

So, when it gets rough; when you are weary of the struggle and the wait, remember who God is and what He has promised.

When the above thought marries with reflection upon the attributes of God, you start to remember who it is that has you firmly in His hands(John 10:28).

I pray that you look deeper into your Savior today and every day,

The Great Plains Poet


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