Pinnacle Of Hope

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Free Poem Friday finds us again!
This week I have had a few smattering of hours to devote to some honest and authentic work so I thought a reflective poem was in order.

These seven days have found me realizing my sinful heart, coming to repent, and asking for guidance in just another fast-paced week. Some days God takes off the kid gloves and gets real honest with me; not because He wants to beat me down, but because He wants me to lift Him up…and this was one of those sort of weeks. But, I am finally learning to not fight it. I run to His honest discernment of my heart condition instead.

My favorite phrase in the bible probably is: “then the Lord provided”(Jonah 4:6). The book of Jonah is mostly about two factors: Disobedience and Anger. What I love about the words scribed in this book is not about the giant whale, or the turbulent storm. No, what strikes me about this incredible book is how the amazing attributes of God just come screaming out of the pages.

You see, even though Jonah deliberately went the other direction of God, sulked outside of exactly where God wanted him to proclaim a message to Nineveh, and held a fierce anger for those same people, God still provided for Jonah; even in his sin.

God provided a great fish to swallow him in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea to keep him from drowning, gave Jonah shade from the sweltering rays of the sun by growing a vine over his shelter, and spoke correction to Jonah about his wrong thinking concerning the people of Nineveh.

A lot of folks will read this book and miss the incredible attributes of God; and what those are we find written like this: God is gracious, compassionate, slow to anger, and abounding in love. Yes, even though we are in disobedience to Him sometimes.

I don’t know about you guys out there but that imparts to me a great measure of hope. You see, if a blockhead like me, a guy who wants to do the right thing but a good deal of the time mucks it up, is still provided for; well that my friends gives me a shot of hope right in the arm.

Right after this last week of, once again falling short, God provided for me what I needed most: Hope and a generous abundance of grace, compassion, and love. Oh, what a Savior. When I think of the attributes that the book of Jonah speak about God, it always points me to the pinnacle of Hope; not the precipice of sin and despair.

Let us leave this weeks Free Poem Friday with this verse. It is: Isaiah 52:7 (ESV) “How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, who publishes peace, who brings good news of happiness, who publishes salvation, who says to Zion, “Your God reigns.”

Please enjoy the poem below.
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The Great Plains Poet

Pinnacle Of Hope
by Chris T.

Promises, promises, the pinnacle of hope.
Words that can’t be taken away;
Not from motion, intention, or due to me,
My lack of obedience or,
Due to my well-intentioned but flawed actions.

These words that He has spoken must remain true,
For they are the cornerstone of trust,
Between God and man
The rift and the way back to Him.

Whatever the Creator has spoken must emerge fact.
His vowels flow from perfection,
And His consonants are never harsh;
Neither abrasive in the throat,
Nor coarse when articulated.

For Love is the language of Him,
The accent on His actions and the Master’s true intentions.

Therefore, since the fall,
Our Lord has provided illumination to each path,
Each one’s journey is assured,
So be the trials and victory,
The pain and the peace,
The desert and the fertile valley.

Thus, when the Father speaks it is,
Confirming the ensured deliverance,
Of each and every one who chooses His way.

Now, when I find the wait long,
If it seems like the clock has had its hands frozen,
At this moment, it seems just and true to wait,
Being convinced that the Author has written my plan,
Because His words be therefore true and never-changing.

So, promises, promises, the pinnacle of Hope;
Words that have been spoken to draw a picture complete,
An artwork of Creator and creation,
On which the paint is never dry,
For each master stroke,
Frames me closer and nearer to my Lord.

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