God Has Blessed!


Brand New!! After much deliberation, toil, and hair pulling, the new look of The Great Plains Poet blog is up and running. We here at the GPP are trying to make some changes that we feel the Lord is directing us in. Your input on how the site looks would be greatly appreciated! Also, stay tuned because there will be additional content changes too as we try to reach out to more folks for Christ. Finally, we now have our own domain name too. Our newly acquired address is now: http://www.thegreatplainspoet.com

Something I need to mention here as well is our name: The Great Plains Poet. It is sort of a misnomer. We here at the GPP do much more than just craft poetry. We minister to the pain-stricken, preach the Good News of Jesus, tell humorous short stories, pray for those who ask us(and a lot of folks who don’t even know we are praying for them as well), give monies to the poor and less fortunate, and provided good Christian family entertainment as well.

Most of all, please share the blog with your friends and family. The Great Plains Poet is all about sharing Christ with the world through our unique calling.

God bless you all,

Chris and the humongous crew at The Great Plains Poet.

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