Quit Does Not Reside Within Me

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Welcome to another installment of Free Poem Friday!

This week I wanted to write a poem that describes how far I’ve come in the Lord. Let me explain.

There was a time in my life when I couldn’t finish anything. No, not “couldn’t” but wouldn’t finish anything. I would come blazing out of the gate and inevitably I would become bored and move on to something else I deemed more interesting.

After a while, it began to have a lot of negative effects on my life. It stunted my relationships, consequences at work were beginning to unfold due to my lack of completing a task, and I could not look at myself in the mirror anymore. You see, the reflection in that looking-glass kept screaming back one word: Quitter!

I knew the Lord wanted to deal with me about it and I was reluctant to give in to His gentle conviction. Eventually, I did over come this.

Then, I had my accident and many things in my life, my family’s lives, and my friends around me changed. The Lord allowed me the honor of testing (no that last bit about “honor” was not a mistake and I will explain what I mean in a future post) my obedience in “finishing the race” and running it well.

Since the days after my accident, I have had several opportunities to just give up and let the rest of my days be controlled by pain management. I have had very qualified doctors telling me to resign myself to a life lived on the bed, or the couch, or worse, waiting in the reception area of a doctor’s office. I knew right from the get-go that Jesus didn’t have that kind of life for me.

As I began to think more and more about it, I came to a sudden conclusion: It didn’t make sense for the Lord to save me from death, cognitive regression, and many more terrible prognosis’, just to have me lay on a bed and dream nightmares of regret. No! I had to live for Him all the more.

So, this week, as Free Poem Friday has arrived once again, I am remembering how it was in the seasons past; taking for granted my strong but cavalier ways. So much of me has changed since Jan/14/2012. I want the Master to see me doing what I was called to do when He returns. I want Him to know that every fiber of my body used His strength to overcome, to plod forward, and to shout out His greatness for all to hear.

Today, quit does not reside within me. Even at my weakest, I still watch over my family and friends, stay involved in my church, and craft poems, stories, and analogies on this blog for the purpose of pointing folks back to the Creator and the Author of true peace and hope: Jesus.

Here is an often quoted verse, but so relevant for my time…and maybe yours as well. It reads: Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me (ESV).”

Believe me, you really can live an effective Spirit-led life, no matter your circumstances, because Jesus will strengthen you…He does that very thing for me each and every day.

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Enjoy the poem,

The Great Plains Poet

Quit Does Not Reside Within Me

By Chris T.

Hammers have been swung upon my broken frame,
Though I have not fallen in disbelief.
Still I march forward and not away,
Because my Lord is my relief

When the hill I’ve climbed looks just like the rest,
If legs are weary and move no more,
You lavish your Hope upon my sullen chest,
To lift my chin up off of the floor.

Sun may rise and rain may fall,
Seasons open and chapters close,
Though they run together them all,
Your Love is like a shield that buffets the blows

A day may come when one more test is too much,
Weariness might give over to exhaustion and cast down my face,
There may come a day when I feel I’ve lost my touch,
But You’ll just whisper “Finish the race.”

So unto your care I place my thoughts,
The Devil may try to pluck at them like feathers on a bird,
I’ll steady the rope and keep it from knots,
To proclaim the truth that exists in your Word.

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