“Wisdom is know…

“Wisdom is knowing what to do with what you know”
-Chuck Smith

How I apply the above quote to my life is:

First: Realize I know nothing; and when I start to know something in my own thinking; it is always flawed.

Second: God knows everything and is the Author of all wisdom.

Third: Wisdom will be given to you; if you will ask for it-James 1:5

Now, what do we do with that wisdom?

We tell everyone about Jesus and the comfort and love He brings to all who call upon His name.

2 thoughts on ““Wisdom is know…

    1. That’s okay my brother. I have much grace for people. I am quite behind on many things myself. I am praying that I will get better soon so I can continue to do the things the Lord has called me to. God bless and thank you so much for “checking in” on me.
      May the Lord keep you and bless you!

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