Weighed, Measured, and Found Wanting Much, Much More



The Prayer Of This Poets Heart

by Chris T.


Oh, there are days;

That I wish I could explain my faith like Zacharias,

The bedrock of the Lord’s principles as Lewis can,

To evangelize with the fervor and scope of Graham and Laurie,

But most of all, to love the sinners, as well as the God’s people, as Jesus did.


Most days, I fall quite short,

Others, the Spirit enables me to be quite an imposing and effective figure.

If only the servant in me would step over the lifeless selfish gain my wicked heart would truly wish,

Then, my impact would resound with a blow more powerful than sling of David’s stone,

My love might be allowed to overflow as the Great Flood,

Therefore I would be found giving giant pieces of my heart to friends and strangers.

“Snap!” might be heard as I gave away each and every scrap of myself to whomever,

My Lord directed, guided, and sent me to.


Oh King of Kings,

Let this cry from my heart come true,

Allow this broken and humble man to be the change around me.

Please pick up the dross and toss it aside;

Making me more pure, each and everyday,

Because, as  I have learned through many shortcomings and failures, that apart from you I can do nothing.


This servant’s heart is weighed, measured, and found wanting much, much more.

To God, be all praise, glory, honor, my entire soul, attention, and intentions to please Him only,


4 thoughts on “Weighed, Measured, and Found Wanting Much, Much More

  1. I have so been in the state of wanting more. And guess what He answered my prayer and is sending me something new to learn, grow and abide more in Him. Only time will tell the lesson He has for me and if I am willing to learn, obey, follow where He is taking me. It will be a testing of my faith for sure, but where there is a test there He also makes a way for us. Through the wilderness I go. ~ Blessings ~

    1. Thank you my friend. I try very hard to be an authentic and transparent person. If anyone can be helped to know Christ in any way, then, job complete!
      Thank you for your very kind comment.

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