It is beyond in…

It is beyond incredible to think that one man; who was wholly man and wholly God, humbled himself by coming down from glory. He entered this world to suffer, be an example of everlasting love, work many miracles in people’s lives, and set ablaze the world in a forest fire of compassion and mercy-The Great Plains Poet

So fired up today for this Sunday; which for my family is the best day of our calendar year. You see, because of  the shedding of the perfect blood of Jesus, I can be forgiven, reconciled, and experience such joy, peace, and excitement to see the Lord at work in our community, church, state, country, and all across the world. Oh, how can one continue living their own life when we are confronted with such a sacrifice that had my very face, sins, and soul upon  the shoulders of Jesus as He hung upon that cross to set all men and women free!

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