Kissing Me Gently Upon My Crestfallen Head

If you are struggling with your inadequacies, give this a quick read. You will be blessed.

The Great Plains Poet

As the tree reaches higher into the sky, so should our yearning for the Lord increase ever skyward.

The struggle of living my life worthy of the call that God has placed on it, is wrought with warfare and difficulty. I want so much, to lead my family, my friends and my church, by setting a good example as a penitent and thankful man of God. But, there are those days; you know, the ones where every moment you are on the brink of a loss of control. The days that seemed to be filled with small battles of will, and the longing for the determination to overcome that evil with the good of the Lord’s Greatness. Sometimes, we feel like we, with the Lord’s power and strength, win that day with God’s wisdom and truth. This post is not about those days. It is about the days when your flesh, just for…

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