A Silent Prayer For India


I was talking with a pastor from India this week and was amazed at all the things the Lord was doing in India. I was instantly reminded of how easy I have it here in America. It spawned a thought about what I would do if I could change places with someone in India and I wrote a small piece about it below.

Also, if you have some resources to spare, please consider donating to Champions House Foundation. They dig wells in villages for clean drinking water. Pastor Samuel preaches the Word of God to the hungry. They manage an orphanage for children and perform surgeries for Cleft Palates; and much, much more as well.
Click the link if wish to donate to this amazing charity: http://www.championshouse.org/index.html

Here’s a verse for the occasion: Mat 5:3 ESV 3 “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

Please enjoy the poem below, and most of all, pray for the many needy souls in India.

God bless,
The Great Plains Poet

If I could change places with my friends in India:

I would never complain about strange smells and heat.
My hands would stay busy, and so would my feet.
This man would travel through the throngs day and night.
No longer would I look away from their fears and plight.

May my hands pat the heads of children in need,
Making swift work at the Lord’s incredible speed.
Lifting up spirits with God’s Holy Word,
Surely speaking up so everyone heard.

And when my lips became parched from thirst and sun,
I would dig up a well until daunting task was done.
To be sure of a beautiful pour of liquid that gleams,
For each person’s cup to be overflowed with a water that’s clean.

My gentle hands would hold a child not so different from mine,
Making merry with smile, gestures, and a love divine.
I wouldn’t be afraid to look a child in the face whose palate is cleft,
While holding my gaze straight, not right or left.

Mostly, If I could change places with my friends from the east,
I would take each one to my home and give them a feast.
For what seems to me a pittance, they would see it vast.
Never would I complain again about a 3 day fast.

Oh, my friends in India, I pray thee well.
My Jesus will deliver and your fears He will quell,
Through disaster, heartache, pain, and remorse,
May our Lord keep you straight upon His Loving Course.

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