From Vacation To Salvation


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Good Day! Since Summer is the time for vacations and road trips, I thought this post would be appropriate. A lot of us followers of Christ will be taking trips since the weather is getting hot and many are getting the itch to smell some fresh air. As the miles start to click off of your odometer, you will be seeing a few new faces and the Lord will have you in different places and environments… that my friends creates opportunities!

You just might find your self waiting in line for a coffee. You could be in mid-chew on a local delicacy at a chic eatery, or grabbing some over-priced sunscreen from a convenience store when the Spirit of God speaks these words: “Share me with that person.”

If you are like me, your forehead starts to sweat and your mouth goes dry. Next, a very serious prayer starts to head upward about guiding me what to say and asking for the boldness to speak out of love. Then, the enemy will start to bring to the forefront of my mind my problems with my memory that I have had since my accident. So, the Lord helped me come up with a way to erase that fear and excuse. The Romans Road used as a literal road map in the shape of a highway sign in my bible.

Here’s what I’ve done:

First I started with memorizing the first stop Romans 3:23. Now, if I have my bible with me, and I definitely would when I go any distance whatsoever, I can start there.

Now, what I have done is taken the Romans Road that most Christians are familiar with and drawn a literal highway sign near these verses. Then, I have written some questions above the sign that most non-believers ask which the corresponding verse answers. Last, under the sign, is scribed the page number in my bible where the next stop on the map occurs with the applicable verse. This way, it will go in sequence, and will answer most questions that the person would have, and of course, hopefully result in a decision for Christ. This really puts a visual impact in front of the person you are sharing with while helping you with written prompts along with the leading by the Holy Spirit most of all.

Here are the verses in order and questions an unsaved person might ask:

Romans 3:23, 3:10, 5:12 -“I’m a good person….Don’t good people go to heaven?” God is Holy and all have sinned. I have heard Greg Laurie say some folks will rebuff you saying something that goes like this: “I follow the ten commandments” Then I think James 2:10 would apply here if this comment would come up(‘Break one commandment you are guilty of them all’)

Romans 6:23– “Is sin such a big deal? If it makes me happy what’s the big deal …..Is there any hope then if I am guilty of all this sin?”

Romans 5:8– “After all I’ve done…How could God love a person like me?”

Romans 10:9-10– “How can I be saved?” Follow up with the sinners prayer here.

Romans 10:13– “Did God hear/accept me?”

Romans 10:17– “Now what do I do. Where do I go from here?” Then, I would counsel that person to attend a church that believes in the inerrancy(having no errors) of the Word of God. If I know the churches in the area I’m in, then I’d suggest one. Advise to read the bible and pray to their Lord daily. Turn away from their past sin while asking the Lord to help them do so. Finally, I would advise them to live for Christ.

In the pictures above, I have two examples of the stops on the Romans Road, the notes, and the next page number in my bible for the next highway sign. I will be using it every chance the Lord prompts me to.

As you are traveling and splashing water in that refreshing pool, eating that special local treat, or wherever you are, allow the Lord to move you to share the hope of Christ with that hurting and needy person. It just takes someone willing to share and take a few moments of your own time to possibly help another man or woman make the most important decision they will ever make.

I hope these road signs help those of you share Christ as they will be of great help to someone like me with memory issues. So, for me, there are no excuses not to share my faith.

There are so many broken folks out there that need the Lord’s love in their lives; perhaps, someone(you) on their trip might be willing to let the Lord take a few moments of your day to go from a vacation to Salvation.

Get out there and share!

God bless you all,

The Great Plains Poet







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