The Poet’s Inspirational Perspective



Welcome to a new series of videos I will be calling: “The Poet’s Inspirational Perspective.”

I will try to publish quick videos of inspiration and God’s truth from time to time.

It is my hope that you will share them with others and be inspired to live for Jesus in a deeper way.

The first installation is about getting your counsel from God, and not from man. The Lord is the first person we should run to with questions and guidance about decisions in our lives. He is our rock, refuge, wisdom and hope. So, let us not forget to use that incredible help to our lives.

I try to refer to Psalms 1:1-3 when I find myself making decisions about my life and not checking with the Lord first. If you find yourself doing this, and we all do, don’t beat yourself up about. Go to the Lord with a contrite heart, ask forgiveness, and get God’s counsel. He will never let you down.

God bless and have a Spirit-led day,

The Great Plains Poet

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