Get Yourself Into The Upper Room

Mahalia Jackson    Pic from RHOF


It is a lazy Friday afternoon and I am chillaxing,(as the kids would say) just listening to one of my playlists on Pandora. I have this intense look on my face and my brow is furrowed and tight. While I am trying to study, a song stands out right away. It wails, shouts, and ascends aloft with a beautiful sense of control and power that instantly makes me look up and check out who belongs to this amazing voice. The song was so inspiring, that I stopped what I was doing and looked up to check the artist. Yep, I guessed it, the incomparable Mahalia Jackson is delivering an incredible rendition of the song: In The Upper Room.

After listening to the words a little closer, I realized this song is really about spending more time with Jesus. It inspired me to go deeper with my Lord and I hope it will prompt you to do the same.

Today, put down the cares of this world. Lay aside the striving and the yearning for stuff, and do all you can to spend more time with Jesus.

Get yourself into the Upper Room and be blessed,

The Great Plains Poet

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