Growth While Riding The Carousel


Seasons change. Hairstyles change; and sometimes comeback around. Fashion takes its trip around the revolving door, and so do periods in a person’s life; or it should.

[Philippians 1:6 ESV] 6 “And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.”

The verse above is one of the most used, quoted, misquoted, and extrapolated verses in Christendom. But, the verse is so important to growth, your place in God’s kingdom. and where you see yourself in your journey with the Lord.

I often go back to this verse time and again, because the Holy Spirit lives with this verse and I need to fully comprehend it over and over until Jesus comes back… and probably into eternity as well.

Why? Well… all of our lives are journeys through individual and interconnected collective lives and move from one position to another; birth to death, immaturity to a more seasoned experience, and health and sickness.

Whether we know it or not, we are all moving at some speed forwards or backwards; towards something, or away from something. God has us experience new situations, puts us in “god ordained” encounters, and is constantly in the process of training us all up, or disciplining us with love and stern reproach.

It can seem daunting at times. The swirling within your headspace can get your thoughts reeling on the subject of your growth. You can feel exasperated and overburdened, but what you shouldn’t feel is stuck and sluggish. Then, you know you are in trouble.

You are meant to move and do something with the lives, talents, and callings that God has placed on all of us. Remember the parable of the Talents (Matthew 25:14-29)? God wants us to invest the lives He so graciously gave us for His purpose; not, just to stand there and wither away, but to invest our lives in something that gives glory and honor to Jesus.

I find it so difficult to gauge my own growth as a person, Christian, husband, and father. So, I don’t do a job that I am clearly not qualified to do. I mean, you don’t perform brains surgery on yourself for a reason. You’re not trained and it’s not you job to do so. Therefore, let the Holy Spirit help you out here. That’s what God’s there for! Ask the Lord some honest and pointed questions today about where you are, where God wants you to be, and how He wants you to get there. Trust me, you will feel a burden lifted when you realize that God’s plan for you is always the best. He is at work within all of us those who called Jesus into their hearts.

Let it be this simple: Bow your head. Ask God where you are really at, and where He wants you now and next season. He will guide and direct you as he promised in the Word(James 1:5). Don’t let it be complicated.

So today, if you find out that you are stuck in the concrete, remember that God is still at work within you. He is still in the process of completing that work, and it is possible to continue on in that growth as a Christian; no matter you age or experience level.

When things are spinning but you seem to be getting nowhere; just remember: You can still experience growth while riding the carousel.

God bless and keep going forward in your journey with Him,

The Great Plains Poet

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