Donate Button with Credit Cards

I fought the Lord about putting this button on my blog. The stigma of how the Lord’s people have handled monies given to them rings in my ears. To be quite frank, sometimes that stigma is warranted. But unfortunately, it takes monetary and resources to get the word of God out there to as many people as possible.

I so desperately want all people to know the love of God that I now know. I can’t do it myself. I need help!

So, as I wrestled with the Lord about putting this giving button on my blog, He spoke to me about allowing His people the opportunity to make a difference; a way to give, but not have to be in the same location that I reside.

Therefore, if you wish to help get the word of God out there to the world. If you have some extra resources that you would like to see go to the poor, the broken-hearted and needy children, and myself, please prayerfully consider giving what you can. Join with me to see the gospel proclaimed. God has big plans for The Great Plains Poet!

Where will the money go:

Some of the money donated will go to the charities listed on my “Supported Ministries” page. The rest will go to help pay for the upkeep of this blog, getting the message of Jesus out, and also some monies will go towards me to help pay the medical bills I have incurred since my accident while I boldly serve the Lord, in spite of my physical deficiencies. If you are curious as to what happened to me, please read the post “Death Met Me At The Door” on this blog.

Also, please refer to the “Supported Ministries” tab for a description of the amazing charities that I support so you know how your gift will be furthering the kingdom of God.

May God richly bless you so we all can present the hope of Jesus to the needy, poor, broken-hearted and lost.

Chris Taylor,

The Great Plains Poet

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