Fleeting Riches and Overburdened Minds

If there is one absolute you can grasp upon, it is this: “Seasons come, seasons they fade away, but the Lord never changes. He is the runway lights in your turbulence. He is that strong gentle voice that your heart longs to hear when your flesh is plugging its ears.”–The Great Plains Poet I have […]

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The Change, Some blessing And The Splendor Of Autumn

“For everything there is a season and a time for every matter under heaven:”-Ecclesiastes 3:1 Often this verse and the ones after it, are quoted during this time of year. I have personally read it and heard it in some form or the other countless times, but this season seems different in some way. I […]

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If You Suffer, I Suffer!

“If one member suffers, all suffer together; if one member is honored, all rejoice together.” -1 Corinthians 12:26(ESV). This world is wicked and evil. Its effects are all over the land and are a drain upon the Lord’s people. Therefore, we need to stick together, live in unity, and have each other’s backs. If we […]

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Another 44 Years

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Today is my 44th birthday. As, it is early morning and all throughout the house my family is asleep, I am taking the time to mull around in my mind my past 44 years. While the years tick away in gentle remembrance, I am overcome with a huge sense of gratefulness. In the previous 44 years, Jesus has total transformed my entire life, protected me from death, gave unto me some very precious gifts and been a lamp-post during the darkest of nights. All of which, I did not earn, deserve or even desire at times. Right now, Jesus is having me focus on my servitude. Starting with my family, I have really tried to be a great help to anyone I come in contact with as Jesus did and still does. If  God would allow me one birthday wish, it is to completely die to myself and be a servant to all in my life. God please grant me the strength to follow through and the wisdom to discern those in need. Thanks to all of you who follow this blog and may these heartfelt words point you to a risen Savior whose example showed us a more perfect way.

God bless. Enjoy the poem, and as always, feel free to comment. Luke 12:43 “It will be good for that servant whom the master finds doing so when he returns”

The Great Plains Poet………servant to all.

Another 44 Years

by Chris T.

May I see another 44 years

Of joy, pain, elation and tears

May I make another 44 friends

Souls who are there to the very end

May I overcome 44 trials

Following Jesus through miles and miles

May I serve 44 people each day

Giving God’s grace in all of my way

May I climb 44 mountains and hills

With all of its effort, tumbles and spills

May I reach out to 44 hands

Forsaking my will and all of my plans

May I write 44 poems of Thee

Speaking of how you have set me free

May 44 blessings flow from my voice

Even when difficult to make that choice

May I hold my family another 44 years

Celebrating each moment with heartfelt cheers

May I show them love more than 44 times

Despite their shortcomings,quirks and crimes

May I Loosen my grip on this “44”

And be not afraid to open the door

‘Cause 44 years is a blink of an eye

For my souls eternal and ready to fly

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