Offer Up A Kind Word

Black Hills Sep2013 216

The bible says: “The lips of the righteous feed many..” Proverbs 10:21

Encouragement is so lacking in our time. People see someone fall and out of their mouths, or in the heart, they cry out “Ha, Ha“.

Let us not be any longer a people who tear down. Just a little bit of encouragement goes so far today because so little of it is every spoken. The wilting plant can be recovered with just the right amount of food and water. Your words today can be those very nutrients.

Allow righteous words to flow out of your lips today. Tell the barista they did a great job. Thank the person who bagged your groceries for doing it just right. Most of all, if you see another stumble, pick them up, and tell them they can keep on going.

So today, as you make your way about your schedule, be a rebel and offer up a kind word.

God bless,

The Great Plains Poet.

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